Recent event – Jan Scholten – Stages & Synchronicity. November 6-8 2009 in Dublin

Jan Scholten returned to Dublin in November 2009

Stages & Synchronicity

Venue: Stillorgan Park Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

Dates: Friday 6th to Sunday 8th November 2009

Following the success of the seminar in 2007, Jan Scholten will be returning to Dublin to share further developments and clarification of the periodic system, unravelling the mystery of the Lanthanides and giving structure to the confusion of plant family classification.

Synchronising plant families with the stages of the periodic system is the next natural step in the evolution of homeopathic methods. The versatility of using these stages with any kingdom makes selection of the remedy a simple procedure of family theme and stage.

In this seminar Jan will define the themes of plant families and interpret the method of using the 18 stages within each plant family. He will also demonstrate the use of Lanthanides, and their value in today’s pathology, using the simplicity of the stages.

With careful consideration and years of research, cases and provings, Jan will present his understanding of various plant families and their use in homeopathic practice. Prescribe accurately and successfully without getting ‘lost in the fog’. Giving direction to the case, purpose to the questioning and rewarding results.

Jan is a researcher, a great mind of our time, his seminars are always full of interactive discussion and illuminating honesty. The success of the periodic system suggests that his plant family groupings will be equally insightful and easy to grasp.

Understand the person :: recognise the remedy.

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Jan Scholten has been promoting homeopathy for over 25 years and his extensive scientific research has added many remedies to the homeopathic materia medica. The most important books he has written are on his discoveries of the elements of the periodic system. He is renowned internationally and is holding seminars all over the world.

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