Dr. Jonathan Hardy. Feb 23-24 2013

Dr. Jonathan Hardy

Burren Life Balance Centre, Corofin, Co Clare, Ireland

An exclusive weekend seminar in Corofin, Co. Clare in the west of Ireland. Experience the peace and tranquility of the Burren, while learning about snake and spider remedies from Jonathan Hardy. Dr Hardy is taking a break from his clinical practice in homeopathy and lecturing schedule in the UK and Europe to join us in a renovated farmhouse in Corofin. The centre includes an outdoor hot tub overlooking Mulloughmore Mountain.

Dr. Hardy has been coming to Clare for the last three years to lecture on topics such as Bird, Mollusc, and Mammalian remedies. He lectured on Snake and Spider remedies last year. All his lectures are based around his extensive video recordings that he has meticulously edited for our benefit.

Corofin homeopathy seminar

“I went to Jonathan’s courses on the Mammalian, Birds, and Mollusc’s remedies and I have to say that I use his notes every day (well, almost, every day!). I found his manner of teaching and sharing so enjoyable, so informative and empowering.” – Monica Rigney, Galway

In this year’s seminar we will look at two fascinating remedy groups.

Most animals on the planet are insects. There is an incredible variety and we will look at remedies from a number of different subclasses. We will get an understanding of the themes common in Insect cases generally – in particular those of restless activity, ambition and the urge for transformation into something better – metamorphosis. We will also investigate the specific themes of various Insect Orders, including Diptera (Flies), Lepidoptera (Butterflies and Moths), Hymenoptera (Bees and Ants) and Orthoptera (Locusts).

The different groups will be illustrated with case examples on video, edited for clarity. There will be extensive handouts of the general Insect themes, subclass themes and the specific remedies we study.

The Matridonals are a little known and relatively new group of remedies. “Matridonal” means “Gifts of the Mother” and the remedies are Placenta, Amniotic Fluid, Umbilical Cord and Vernix Caseosa. They are indicated in a number of therapeutic areas including difficulties in pregnancy and childbirth and mother-child bonding issues. However their therapeutic range is deeper and more far-reaching than these more immediate issues and also includes resolution of longstanding feelings of grief, exclusion and lack of self-worth.

There is overlap with other remedy groups including Rows 2 and 3 of the Periodic Table (themes of the womb, separation and identity) and Mammal remedies (eating disorders and mother-child bonding issues), and we will see how to differentiate them.

We will study the themes of the group, the Provings of the individual remedies and you will see a number of cured cases on video.

To cover all this we will need to manifest the Insect theme of intense activity, but it should be fun!

Cost: €100 per day, (€90 early bird rate for bookings in January), (includes lunch and study materials).

There is some accommodation on site – €55 single per night, €35 per person sharing a twin/double, €25 Saturday night dinner
check out our venue on www.burrenlifebalance.com
Otherwise a list of local B&B’s can be supplied. Ennis is only a 15 minute drive and cheaper accommodation may be available there.
€50 deposit is required to secure a place and accommodation needs to be paid for in advance.
Payment options: cash/cheque/paypal-via email

Venue: Burren Life Balance Centre, Corofin, Co Clare
Time: 9am-6pm

To book:
Email : ericahomeopathvet@gmail.com – please note I am using a new email address this year as the other is full of spam!
Phone/Text : 086 8527080 or +353 86 8527080 from abroad

Erica Borge MVB VetMFHom

Irish Society of Veterinary Homeopaths
(Please note this is a HUMAN homeopathy seminar, not veterinary, although I expect about ten vets will attend)
Ceithre Cos Vet Clinic
Main StreetTulla
Co Clare