Past event – Dr. David Lilley – The Psychopathology of Children in the Light of the Chronic Miasms. June 26 & 27 2006 in Galway

Many regard Dr. Lilley’s seminars as the most stimulating presentations in homeopathy and his events often sell out with attendances in the hundreds. We are delighted to be welcoming him from South Africa.

Here is a synopsis in David’s own words:

“The theory of the Chronic Miasms is the greatest concept to emerge from homeopathic philosophy. It gives us insight into the origin of disease, and elucidates the relationships that exist between the many and varied disease profiles, which have given rise to the arbitrary and disconnected classifications of conventional medicine. It presents us with a disease continuum, extending down the ages from our hominid ancestors to the present time.

Through a knowledge and understanding of the miasmatic continuum and its inevitable psychopathological sequence, we are better able to unravel the constitutional disease pattern of our patients, plan a strategy of treatment, and evaluate the clinical response to the chosen remedy. In children, the emotional, miasmatic picture is witnessed in its most explicit form, unveiled by the manipulations, subterfuges and concealing masks of the older ego-personality or false-self.

Children are more likely to wear their miasms on their sleeves. The early years of life provide a vital, and sometimes fleeting, window through which the discerning practitioner can scrutinise the miasmatic legacy, and the endowed and inherited influences of the past. It is also at this time that the situational circumstances of the child’s life exert their greatest and enduring influence, imprinting the soul with patterns of perception, preference and prejudice, modified or enhanced by the miasm holding sway. The environment is not experienced as consistently caring and holding, and basic trust, the essential ingredient for a creative and enlightened life, is lost, and the shadow-self emerges. This is the period when the healing power of homeopathy can exert its greatest effect upon the individuation process of the soul.

The spiritually healing power of disease is inherent in the miasmatic continuum, and facilitates the individuation process of humanity. The harmonising of homeopathic therapy with this unfolding in the individual, is the highest calling of the homeopathic physician”.

Homeopathy seminar fee 215 euro. Members of the Irish Society 195 euro. Students 190 euro.

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  1. Ciaran Broadbery
    Ciaran Broadbery says:

    Can you tell me if David Lilley is doing any seminars in Europe of Africa this year (2007). Or does he have a web-site? Thank you for any help given. from Ciaran Broadbery 4th year student Irish College of Homoeopathic Medicine, Tralee, Kerry ireland

  2. db
    db says:

    Hi Ciaran. I don’t know what Dr Lilley’s schedule is at the moment and he doesn’t have his own website. If I hear of any news I’ll be sure to let you know.

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