Past event – Nancy Herrick & Roger Morrison MD – Carbon, Organic & Hydrocarbon Remedies in Homeopathy. Saturday April 29th 2006.

Roger Morrison and Nancy Herrick came over from California to Galway on April 29th 2006. The seminar was on Carbon, Organic and Hydrocarbon remedies in Homeopathy.

This was an exciting event from the authors of the highly acclaimed ‘Desktop’ companions, ‘Animal Minds, Human Voices’ and ‘Sacred Plants, Human Voices’. There are now more remedies from the Carbon family in our Materia Medica than there are Polycrests. Our material medica now includes over 200 related carbon compounds as well known as Adamas, Alcoholus, Amyl nitrosum, Benzoic acid, Camphora, Carbolic acid, Glonoinum, Kreosotum and Petroleum.

These compounds have had very limited use by homeopaths and no comprehensive understanding has emerged up to now about how to use them. For the past five years Roger has studied these remedies in great detail and has discovered many clues about how to identify patients who require such remedies.

This homeopathy seminar was their only European visit in 2006 and presented an amazing opportunity to spend the day with two of the world’s most respected homeopaths as Nancy & Roger shared this exclusive presentation of their latest work through lecture and videos of cured cases.

Homeopathy seminar fee only 95 euro. Students only 85 euro (Including 2006 Graduates)