Past event – Jan Scholten – The Mineral Kingdom in its Entirety. November 23-25 2007 in Dublin

Jan Scholten began his work with the periodic system 15 years ago, starting with group analysis, then following with element theory which uses the periodic table of elements to classify the remedies of the mineral kingdom, thereby creating concepts which apply to each series and stage within the periodic table.

Supported by a large number of provings and clinical cases, Jan shows the effectiveness of this approach. He clarifies the entire periodic system bringing together its development over the last 20 years, differentiating the 18 stages and 7 series and facilitating every practitioner to use this method with confidence and ease.

The themes of the series and stages can be applied to all cases, not just minerals but also including those from the animal and plant families. With frankness and honesty Jan demonstrates the development of his ideas and the simplicity of this system, from the very beginning to his most recent work, covering pathology from eczema to autoimmune disease.

Jan’s dedication to finding truly curative remedies is impressive, his understanding of each individual, their life story and the way he translates this in his teaching makes the challenge a little easier for every homeopath.

Equally valuable for those who are new to this system and experienced homeopaths, Jan’s seminars provoke interactive debate and a forum for homeopathic discussion.